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Double Wall Seriesのロゴ

[Hollow double structure]

By providing a hollow heat insulating layer between a double layer of stainless steel, it suppresses the heat conduction of liquid and exhibit excellent heat retention.

Hollow double structure

Double walled to keep it cold or hot for longer

This serves as heat-insulating tableware with a hollow double structure that does not allow the contents to cool or hot easily.

Not easily become hot even if you touch it

This excellent product does not easily transfer the temperature of its contents to the hand.

Does not break

)Made from durable 18-8 stainless steel.

Product lineup

  1. Metal Don

  2. Metal Don Junior

  3. Metal Don Baby

  4. Sara

  5. Sara Junior

  6. Sara Baby

  7. Hatch

  8. Hatch Junior

  9. Hatch Baby

  10. Flower

  11. Sweets Cups

  12. Tray Nami

  13. Tray Sweet

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