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Kanda iron panのロゴ

[Kanda iron nitride pan/wok]- Highly durable nitride treated series -


  • Carbon steel is s a perfect hybrid of a cast iron skillet and a stainless steel frying pan. It has cast iron’s heat retention and stainless steel's lightness.
  • Pans are strong and resist scratching by reinforcing them with Japanese special nitride treatment technology.
  • Extremely rust-resistant and easy to clean, compared to typical iron frying pans.
  • Compatible with all heat sources and dishwasher safe.

Nitrided Treated Cross-section

"Nitride Treatment" is a surface treatment technology that has been used to prevent rust on aircraft and automobile parts.
By applying this to cooking utensils and curing the iron surface with nitrogen, steel with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance has been realized.

Product lineup

  1. Dumpling Pan

  2. Dumpling Pan Lid

  3. Lightweight Beijing Wok

  4. Mandarin Wok

  5. Chinese Strainer

  6. Stainless Steel Strainer Stand

  7. Wok Ring

  8. Iron Chinese Ladle

  9. Iron Chinese Spatula

  10. Iron Chinese Ladle Mini

  11. Iron Chinese Ladle

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