Eat it while it’s hot.

Temperature is essential to enjoy ramen. Metal-don, our signature product, can help to keep it at the best temperature. With double-wall structure, the soup in the bowl stays hot for a long time. This functional bowl was created here, in Tsubame city.

When you visit Tsubame city, where our headquarters is based in, you will realize that there are a lot of ramen restaurants along the streets. The well-known Japanese food is also popular among Tsubame locals.

Many cities have developed their own unique styles of ramen, and Tsubame city is no exception. Se-abura ramen would be the specialty of this city. Se-abura translates to “pork fat back.” It was specifically designed to feed factory workers. The fat back is sprinkled over the soup and noodles to keep the temperature while delivering.

Metal-don is the perfect bowl for this satisfying Se-abura ramen. In 2009, The idea came to Kanda Tomoaki, our CEO. It was after the business fair in Tsubame-Sanjo. He talked with one of his friends who ran a metalworking factory. Kanda said that ramen is best enjoyed piping hot. Not just only when it arrives, but also until the customer takes the last sip of it.

They reached one conclusion. It was to create a double-wall bowl for ramen. Double structured mugs and tumblers, which already penetrated Japanese market, were the cue. It occurred to them to apply the structure to a bowl. Thus Metal-don was born in the spring of 2010. With the craftsmanship developed since Edo period, it took less than half a year to complete the bowl. Developing new products is always a challenge. But Metal-don was a hit and reached wide distribution. It is used both in ramen restaurants and households.

Metal-don enables you to enjoy your hot, hearty ramen until you clean up your bowl. Also, the hollow double structure provides heat insulation. You can hold the bowl with your bare hands when a hot soup is in it. It is very handy while you are serving the bowl. In addition, the simple design of Metal-don matches any kind of ramen.

Looking for something elevates your ramen experience? Try Metal-don at your table with your favorite ramen.