”Double Wall” Sake Bottle Server/Cup

①【Regular】360㎖/12floz Φ64㎜ H190㎜

②【Jr】270㎖/9floz Φ64㎜ H150㎜

③【Baby】180㎖/6floz Φ64㎜ H110㎜

④【Cup】50㎖/1.7floz Φ57㎜ H40㎜

special version”Nishiki Goi”


【Sake stays warm】

Double Wall Structure with air space.

【Not hot to the touch】

Heat is not transmitted directly to your hands.

【Good with Sake warmer】

Fit into Sake warmer machine.

【High Durabillity】

Made of strong 18-8 Stainless steel.

Perfect for any situation.